Coast 11 – An Enid Blyton Adventure

Heaving the pack on this morning was a trial, meandering Bournmouth was even more so!
It is a green town and I’m sure its a lovely place to live but, like I alluded to yesterday, it has an underworld. What I felt yesterday afternoon I saw this morning. Two men sat on a bench having their first ‘tinny’ of the day. They were eyeing me and said ‘good morning’ and stared right back! My cloak of invisibility did not work on these guys and vice versa!
I moved on and found a chemists and purchased blister plasters for the hot spots on my feet.
After breakfast at a cafe I walked under the cliff where it was level. My right little toe was exceptionally sore although nicely wrapped up with blister plaster. I thought probaly best not to walk too far today. Anyway I made my way passed the Chines that the beaches are named after. The word Chine is the same as Bunny from my previous blog and used here and on the Isle of Whight to denote a ravine. Durley Chine, Middle Chine, Alum Chine and so on. the Ravines themselves now gardens or parks.
I can see why Bournemouth is so popular with is golden sand beaches but, its not my thing and although it wasnt too busy I just wanted to be away from it all.
I arrived at Sand Banks, I only been here once about 15 years ago one New Years day with Trish and the kids. I didnt really remember it other than it was fun and cold. Again I was disoriented, I didnt realise Poole Habour was so enclosed with a small inlet which I was about to cross.
In the middle of Poole Harbour is Brownsea Island and that is well worth a visit. I didn’t do that today but if you want to see Red Squirrels that is the place to go. Apparently thats the one of inspirations for Enid Byltons Kirrin Island (that and Corf Castle).

I was having an Enid Bylton type adventure of my own! I caught the chain ferry and crossed to Shell bay and Studland Heath. This is where I want to stop the night. I took my shoes off and walked along the soft white sand, there were a few people about but not many.

This was the sort of countryside I wanted to be in and I could see Old Harry Rocks in the distance, perfect!

I plonked myself down, had my lunch and then a lovely swim in the shallow water, the sun came out I snoozed and felt very much like a character from the Enid Blyton books I enjoyed as a child.
I’m feeling more relaxed about wild camping. I watched the world go by, then at about five o’clock I started to explore the area and found what I though might be a suitable spot so I sat and ate my tea. I could see no one had been this way for some time, the sand had not been disturbed since the rain the night before.

Then just as the light started fading I saw a man looking around on another dune quite a way off, clearly he couldn’t see me because he started stripping off and changing his clothes. I wasnt sure what he was doing and I didnt want to find out so, I decided to move further into the dunes and out of sight and more importantly away from any tracks. I wouldnt have done this in the spring because of ground nesting birds. It wasnt easy to walk through but I found a lovely little hollow and pitched the tent over the heather.

There was enough of a sandy base for me to put my bedroll and before I curled up for the night I sent my coordinates via “what 3 words” ( to my family. I could just hear the sea and was lulled by the occasion bird call and the dusty smell of the heather.
I was just drifing off when I heard squealing….. Werewolves? Err No! I had read that there are Sika deer here and I hoped this was thier call as I didnt recognise the sound and sincerely I hoped it would stop!

It did and I fell sleep eventually.

2 thoughts on “Coast 11 – An Enid Blyton Adventure

  1. Good Morning……Lol trust you to find the only man in the Vincinity stripping off 😂😂😂! The pics are very calming and looks like picture postcard places. Hope your little toes are not too bad and I am sure they won’t stop you doing! Enjoying the blog and seeing that you are safe and well & enjoying the trip…Linda .xxxx😘

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