Coast 10 – I survived my first Wild Camp!

I did actually sleep and probably more than I thought. The only thing to molested me was a molusc judging by the snail trail on my sleeping bag, Im just glad it didn't get on my face! I wasnt cold, I was probably too warm and could have taken lighter sleeping bag or removed my … Continue reading Coast 10 – I survived my first Wild Camp!

Pembrokeshire Day, The Bitches!

Day two we headed for St Davids. Neither of us had any idea what it woukd be like, the campsite owner had recommended it to us.It looked picturesque as we drove through it, noting the pasty shop for later and headed for the coast. I think she had intended for us to go to White … Continue reading Pembrokeshire Day, The Bitches!

More Walks With My Brother

On another day we accompanied Dad to Pitfour Lake.As you may be aware from the Australia trip Dad is an experienced birdwatcher. This walk illustrated to him that he needs a hearing test as Daran and I were identifying calls that he was unaware of. Ah well!The lake is a fishing pool and has nice … Continue reading More Walks With My Brother

Gower day three- Deborah’s Hole

Today we walked just over 7 miles.First Stop Deborah's Hole! Now now, keep your thoughts to yourself!Unknown to us at the time the hole is an inaccessible cave in which stone age tools were found. Enough already!Above its now a nature reserve on the remains of an iron age fort.I thought the area breathtaking, Sarah … Continue reading Gower day three- Deborah’s Hole